Well, here I was sitting in front of my computer debating whether or not I should continue this blog with projects recently completed or should I catch you guys up with ones from the beginning? So, I decided to catch you guys up with some of my favorite projects and brides that I have had the privilege of working with. I would hate not mentioning these cherished projects or brides just because I didn't start my blog sooner :) So, I'll change the post date on this blog and all those in between to the estimated time frame of when these occurred until I get current (Nov 2008 is current). Plus it gives you a good idea of where I've started, where I am and hopefully where I'm going in the future.

My first bride was Dione. I have to start by giving her my praise for having the blind faith in me with an event so close and dear to her heart, her wedding. When I first spoke with Dione I had just started my business and didn't have much of a gallery except for the creations I had done for my own wedding, a close friend's wedding and other family events like my baby shower, housewarming and my daughter's first birthday.

Dione's colors were burnt orange and fuchsia and she decided on a booklet invitation. we had a cover page displaying a custom logo.

Following pages hold the invitation wording, hotel accommodations, wedding website, directions, and a tear away response postcard. We also later added a rehearsal and dinner page for the guests that it applied to. The backing of the book gave us the burnt orange color and I used the ribbon to incorporate the fuchsia color as well. Within the booklet, we used touches of color for headers, but all in all it carried a classic look with touches of modern flairs. I also created her table cards, menu signs, and programs.

Thank you Dione for having the faith in me to create your invitations and other wedding stationery!


at: February 11, 2009 at 6:57 PM said...

This is Dione. Patricia did an amazing job on all of my stationary needs for my wedding. I told her what my colors were and told her that I did not want to stifle her creative genius. From that conversation, Patricia developed about six samples for me. My fiance' and I went to her studio and were wowed by the ideas that she had come up with. We able to take elements from several of her samples and create exactly what we wanted. Our guests were completely surprised when they opened their invitations. I'm sort of traditional but my husband likes a little more flair. Go figure. Anyway, Patricia's creation set the tone for our wedding celebration. Thank you. Thank You. Thank You.

BTW, I attended Patricia's wedding and of course was in awe of her invitations, programs, and color theme. Quiet as it's kept, I liked her bridesmaid's dresses so much, I recommmended them to my best friend for use in her wedding. (I wanted one, what can I say).

I can't say enough about Patricia's creativity, talent, and personal touch to our design. Getting married is stressful as it is, leaving our invitations and stationary in her very capable hands, was one less thing we had to worry about.

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