Yay! I became an authorized dealer for Envelopments products. I have been of fan of this company since I was engaged. I happened to stumble upon their products in a local art store and really wanted to incorporate it somehow in my wedding invitation. Eventually, I used their envelofolds to encompass my wedding invitations with a custom seal and since I thought an outer envelope would hide the coolness factor of the envelofolds and it didn't require an outer envelope(which meant more money) I didn't use one and had a hand calligrapher address it.

So, once I started Invitation Creations I knew I wanted to use their products. What I really enjoy about their products is the freedom to create, mix and match in whatever fashion reflects you best. They offer cool, modern takes of the inner envelopes more popularly known as pocketfolds. They are not limited to these, they also have the portable pockets, envelofolds, matted, metallic, textured metallics and prints to select from. They offer 150 colors and now I have swatches of all the colors they offer so that my brides or clients can choose their colors that best represent their wedding at our initial meeting. The quality of the paper is second to none and the company itself maintains high standards for their dealers as well as avenues of selling their products. If you are incorporating envelopments products in your invites, you know you are getting a classy, elegant and top-notch product. I am proud to use their products in my services.


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