As all of my existing clients and family members have seen throughout the last few months, my belly has gotten quite large. Yes, I am expecting my second child and I will be taking a mini hiatus from February 8th until March 19, 2010. So I thought I would share my baby shower invites with you. As one of my hosts stated, why should anyone else try and make invites for you, you'll just start taking over. So I was given free reign on my invites :) Plus, how in the world would I let anyone go to a competitor! (wink) Above is the outer envelope with machine calligraphy , matching stamps and the invitation to the left.

I did a side pocketfold using the theme we were using for the nursery, jungle.
I have done a couple of other jungle invites and I wanted this one to be a little different. Typically I use a seal on pocketfolds, but here I used a belly band. I also added a little rhinestone to the rattle to give it a little sparkle :)

Open the pocketfold up and there lies the invitation with its inserts in the pocket. I also put rhinestones on the giraffe.

I wanted to have different headers for the inserts which represented a response card, a registry card and a directions card.

I'm all about custom stamps wherever possible since they, in my opinion, add a finishing touch to any custom invitation. I mean, how would the envelope look if I had that cute lion, matching font from the invite and then two liberty bell stamps? Definitely not as cute. But, I do understand its a cool factor and well, there's a price to pay to be cool :) So if a client is trying to be cost-effective, this is the first thing that gets dropped.

As guests were arriving, we had guests write whatever they felt like on diapers that I would be able to use later and this was the sign for the instructions of this task. Later on in the shower I would read aloud what everyone wrote. Some were inspirational and several were funny. What I do like about this, is that when I use them or look at them later, I will always have fond memories of our baby shower.

I also created custom water bottle labels. This was my first time doing this and they were a hit! Lots of people took one just to keep as a memento. I created two slightly different designs, but the wording stayed the same. I thought they were cute!

I did individual food signs as well as this menu sign for the munchies we offered.

Both of the photos above were games that were played at the shower. We didn't do the typical baby games so instead we played some really unique games that guys and gals would have a lot of fun with and I created all the paper for it.

As our gift favors, my host, Bridgette and I baked sugar cookies and added a custom favor tag to the bags. We even tried to make the cookies in shapes of lions, monkeys, giraffes and elephants using cookie cutters. Some thought they were dinosaurs, but hey, we tried :) I really should say Bridgette did most of the baking :) Thank goodness she was willing to help me because even though it was my idea to bake cookies, I have never done it before! I can't thank Bridgette enough for all her hard work in organizing and co-hosting this event with my mother. She organized the event flawlessly, she made the baby booties floral arrangement and the amazing diaper cake. I hope everyone is lucky enough to have someone like Bridgette in their lives, it makes life events like these memorable and so much more fun! Thanks, Bridgette for being my sister from the heart.


Jungle Baby Shower Themes Lady says:
at: April 9, 2010 at 4:01 AM said...

I love your Jungle baby shower designs. They look fun and really cute.

I'm not surprised you wanted to make them yourself, you really have got a great talent, they are wonderful.

Unknown says:
at: January 1, 2012 at 5:22 PM said...

Oh my gosh I love absolutely everything about this. This is the exact theme I wanted and that is the most beautiful invitation I have ever seen. It opens my mind to say many great ideas. Not to mention my name is Bridgette spelled exactly like that and you can imagine my shock when seeing my name on the page. It was almost as if fate brought me here lol.

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