I've noticed that a lot of companies are using blogs as an easy and quick way to showcase more of their recent work, maybe to provide a better feel for the product they offer or give insight about the employee/owner/designer/photographer their potential clients are considering hiring. To be honest, after reading several blogs, I did feel more comfortable knowing that particular person. I knew after a couple of posts if that was or was not the company for me. In many ways it reminded me of the newsletter I once created for my family and friends when I had the free time(a way distant memory)! Now, it's a great tool for my business. I think potential clients will be able to see and read my blog to get a good feel for the person I am and the work I do.

I've always been enamored with paper. As a little girl, I collected pretty stationary, be it the specialty paper or paper with a pretty design on it. If I ever used any of it, I always had to make sure I had at least one extra for myself. As a teenager I would doodle on everything, notes from school, my books, blank journals, etc. So much so that my mother bought me blank cards one day so that I could personalize them. I loved it! But I really fell in love with creating invitations when I was on the journey to marriage as a bride. I wanted something unique which at the time meant not white or any shade of it and not rectangular. My colors were red, mango and hints of yellow. I searched the internet everyday looking for something that I felt represented me( I mean us) and my (our) special event. I went to shops, looked in magazines and felt deflated with no promising leads. Then I came across a website that offered specialty paper, the assembly and printing would still have to be done. They had a mango colored invite that was the closest to my wedding colors. I thought, "well, finally! Now I have something to work with!" I started with the wording I wanted on my invitation, then I added a couple of design elements and then everything started accelerating and I couldn't believe it! I had my design! I did 2 alternate designs as well so I could choose which one I would use. In the end, I used all three, one was the invitation, the other was the rsvp, and the last was the directions card. I went to the local art store and bought some paper and created a jacket. Though, it was a lot of work, I really enjoyed the process. I ended up creating all of my stationary needs, save-the-dates, programs, place cards, table cards, and signs for my wedding.

Friends started asking if I would do their invites. Everyone was urging me to create my own business. Fear and timing held me back. By the end of 2007, I took the leap of faith and started Invitation Creations.


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