I know it's been a long time, but yours truly has been swamped, and I mean swamped with work so I am going to try and catch up while I have this small break!

Delicia is a referral from my first bride, Dione Davis. When I first met Delicia, she told me the story of her first impression of Dione's wedding invitation and how much she liked its unique touches, papers and the concept of a booklet invitation in general and so she decided to come to me with her own wedding invitations.

Delicia mentioned she was on a budget and she also knew that all of her guests were aware of her wedding date and locations and had made arrangements already so a response card was not necessary. She saw a floral invite that I had done for a bridal luncheon that she liked a lot and would fall within her budget. I could see it on her face as she was debating in her head whether or not to go with that design. As she said she sputtered out yes, I want that design, she immediately followed it with a question of boarding pass invitations and I could almost see the idea popping in her head. I had actually created something very similar for another client who had asked for a ticket save-the-date! Since it was in the save-the-date collection, it was something she had not seen in my invitation collection. Once she saw it, the expression on her face was "this is it!". The wedding was going to be in Cancun, Mexico and her fiance was a pilot. It seemed like this passport invitation was perfect for them and it was going to be my first passport invitation! I always get excited to try something new!

We decided to give the boarding pass a "cover" with a custom seal which had their names on it. This would be push the price above her budget, but the presentation it added was just so classy, it was worth it!

The boarding pass had custom rounded corners and perforated section for the stub portion of a typical boarding pass. Delicia did want a details card where we had information like their wedding website, the suggested hotel and their registry. So I decided to tie in the whole destination theme by making the opposite side of the card look like the cover of a passport.

Her colors were dark chocolate, tiffany blue and white. I love this color combination. I think it's just stunning. Another first for me was her invitation addressing. Its becoming a new trend to make custom labels for the envelopes. I suggested this idea and she liked it. Thank you Delicia for trusting me with this! Another first! I think its a cool look. I used the tiffany blue colored paper as her custom label part and the envelope was metallic dark chocolate.

Something I always suggest to my clients is make your envelope stand out from the pack by choosing another color than the standard white or ecru. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with white, but here is my thought on this. I mean even though we are in this information age, we all still go to our mailboxes everyday. And when you grab your handful of mail most of those envelopes are what color? White. So imagine this metallic dark chocolate envelope with tiffany blue with your name printed in a beautiful font in the middle of all white mail envelopes in you hands. What do you think is going to catch your eye? I don't think its going to be that electric bill :)

Considering the fact that Delicia's guests had already responded to her, her invitations were more of a formality for her and her guests. We still hit a little snag because of her location. A couple days before I had completed the invitations, Delicia was forced to make the decision to change her venue and location due to the swine flu outbreak in Mexico:( She did this in the best interest of her family and friends. She was able to keep her date, but all other details had to change so instead of reprinting everything we added a personalized insert from Delicia and Andrew to make all guests aware of this change. Her spirits were still good and I'm sure everything turned out beautiful, anyway! Like my mother always says, "it's not the wedding that counts, it's the marriage."

As I mentioned before, Delicia was referred to me by Dione, my very first bride. What's funny is that Dione didn't know she had come to me until she saw the invite! I wanted to share this email from Dione with you guys.

Dione wrote:
"You continue to amaze me. We received the invitations for Andrew and Delicia's wedding last week and I was so excited. I kept thinking, wow, this is a great destination wedding invitation, I wonder who created it, and low and behold, I looked on the back of the invite and there your name was.

I communicate with Andrew ever so often and he never even mentioned that he contacted you. I'm so glad he did though. "

Thanks, Dione for making my day and thank you Delicia for the trust and opportunity to work on this destination wedding invitation with you! I really enjoyed and loved how it turned out! I wish you all the best in your new life as husband and wife!


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