In the world we live in, we have iPads, iPhones and androids, etc.  In most scenarios I love technology, and I'm that girl who loves techy things.  And yes, I have both and I love them dearly.  Another thing I love is my website, mostly because I built it myself.  I built it in Flash and thought it was really "cool" to have the animated features of the site.  Learning how to create it and putting it together just felt empowering! And I didn't have to pay anyone else to do it!!

Steve Jobs, well he was not a big fan of Flash and didn't support it on his products like the iPhone or the Ipad.  I guess he didn't think the animation was that cool. And it doesn't seem like that has changed with time so I now have to.  Though there are apps out there so you can see Flash sites, it's just doesn't satisfy our consumer need of "I have to have it right now" spirit. Plus, I'm listening to my clients tell me, I can't pull up your site on my iPad.

So, I have started creating an iPad/iPhone Friendly site.  And so the late nights have begun...
It's hard to let go of something I worked so hard on so I figured out a way to have both by creating more work for myself :) YAY! Am I crazy or what? When you go to my website from an iPad, it takes you to the friendly iPad version site and when you visit it from a desktop, you still go to my Flash version. I'm just not ready to let go. Maybe the double maintenance will help me get over that soon! REAL soon!

With the notion of starting a new site, I thought, hey I need to update my blog too! Well, unfortunately that came with having to change the web address to www.invitationcreationspm/icblog. so keep up with our blog by bookmarking the new site. Though both sites are still being tweaked, both are live! So thanks Apple for making me create another site and thanks to my clients who gave me that extra push to get with the times!


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