So Lola was a referral from another client, Lori.  Typically when someone is referred by a previous client, the new potential client has a level of trust already built in because they know someone who has hired them.  

What I didn't know is that Lola and Jerry had a terrible experience with hiring a potential wedding planner prior to meeting me.  So needless to say, they didn't hire that wedding planner and were very skeptical during half of our meeting together. Yes only halfway. Jerry who was most skeptical, started to relax. Hey, I even saw a smile on his face!  After seeing my work, meeting me in person, seeing my  studio, seeing my business license and reviewing my contract, he felt more comfortable.  Yes, they were very vocal about their experience and afraid of going through the same run-around that the previous planner had tried to pull on them. Well, anyone who knows me, knows that I am all about my work and my name so therefore I give 100% of my time and passion into what I do and they saw that and chose to have me create their wedding invitations :) YAY!!

 And if you are wondering, yes...they eventually hired a wedding planner who is considered one of the best in town, Gail Johnson of Gail Johnson Weddings.

This was a Nigerian wedding and I truly loved the wedding colors of tangerine orange and green. 

We also created programs for their wedding ceremony.

And the escort cards for their guests.

All the photos in this post are taken by the wonderfully talented Catherine of MyLife Photography. She's an excellent wedding, lifestyle, or editorial photographer.  Feel free to check out her website,


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