Another new product. Bereavement cards. Not the happiest of topics, but loss has come to forefront of my mind as I mourn the sudden loss of my uncle this week.

A past bride of mine lost her mother at the end of last year and wanted to send out bereavement cards to all the friends and family that helped her with love, support, gifts, food, flowers, etc. in such a difficult time of her life. Luckily she thought of her preferred stationer, moi. Though I had never done these before, she trusted me in this unknown area and I really wanted to be a part of something so personal and dear to my client.

In difficult times is when true friendships flourish. When your mourning a loss, its hard to eat, to sleep, to breathe and possibly go on. Those who help carry us through this difficult time are ones we cherish and know those relationships will last a lifetime.


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