I love these! I think they are very fitting to the bride and groom so I have to share!! These are my very first boarding pass save-the-dates. I even made these custom ticket jackets to go along with the theme.

Candace reached out to me regarding her save-the dates and she wanted to do these boarding passes since they both work for the airlines. They also both met in New York and have lived there as well so it only makes sense that they would be planning their wedding there.

She likes modern designs with minimal elements and clean lines. She also wanted a skyline of New York on the ticket jacket. Many of my clients like the metallic paper and choose that, but Candace wanted matte papers for the save-the-date. Though you cannot see it in the photos shown, the paper selected is a 120# thick white paper that almost feels like suede.

I had so much fun working with Candace on these and they turned out fabulous!! I cannot wait to start working on their invitations!


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