Yep, here comes another apology from yours truly for getting behind on my blog posts but do any of you guys have a 1 year old? If you do, you may identify with me right now. No, he's not my first child, but he's my first boy and he is truly an explorer!!! He loves to find electric outlets and pull the cords out of them after he has found a lamp that he shakes with the hopes that it will land on his head! My daughter was nothing like this. Everyday it's a race to see who wins -me racing to stop Christian, my son from reaching the top of the stairs and my son racing to make it to the top! As a toddler he is all boy! Sometimes I get so mad at him and then he flashes his adorable smile at me and I can't even get mad...Here's a couple of pictures of the culprit :)

So that's my excuse, but I'm back trying to catch you guys up on what's been going on with Invitation Creations, LLC.

Jessica came to me with her wedding on Thanksgiving Day. She wanted a traditional style but for it to emit formal. Her colors are gold and white. Originally she had been working with another stationer but they went out of business and didn't even bother to contact her to let her know!!! Since they weren't returning any of her phone calls, she went to the place and found them packing up!! Well, I plan on being around for awhile and wouldn't treat my clients like that even if that were my case! But as they say, "when one door closes, another one opens" or is it a window? Whatever the case, I am thankful Jessica found me after her dilemma with her original stationer and she has been very pleased with our work and how well we return phone calls :)

With it being a destination event as well as an event on a major holiday, Jessica was wise to send out her save-the-dates almost a year in advance.

I always recommend sending out invitations for destination events or events on major holidays a little earlier if possible. Since Jessica was so on the ball with her save-the-dates, it gives her guests enough time to plan, prepare and save if need be!

Here are her save-the-dates and I can't wait to share her invitations with you guys next!!


Cindy Brown | Atlanta Wedding Photojournalist says:
at: April 18, 2011 at 3:30 PM said...

He is adorable. What a wonderful distraction. Dd you say something about Thanksgiving wedding invitations?

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