So over a year later I finally have sat down to share with you the reception items from the Indian wedding. You've already seen the invites but here are the reception items!

These are from my favorite groom, Kedar...I would say my only groom but now that's not the case. And not that my other groom is bad, Ive just known Kedar for almost 20 years! He's an old friend from college so if I seem more playful about him than my other clients its just because we're old friends...I know he can handle it :P

After completing their invitations, I kept insisting on creating programs for his wedding. Kedar was hesitant. He said they don't really have programs in India and it would be a hard sell on his fiance, Swati. I thought it would be cool to have a description of all the unique Indian rituals for the guests who had never experienced it before , incorporating the dinner menu, appetizers, drinks and an itinerary for the evening as well as act as keepsake for guests. This was my pitch.

I don't know what he said to her, but she said yes. I am liking his future wife more and more each day! At this point we had not met. I think she just has good taste and liked the idea of something different! To incorporate all of the things I had suggested I would need help from them about the actual ceremony and descriptions of what was going on. I chose a booklet to incorporate everything that I wanted to.

I needed them to decide if they were going to have signature drinks or not. With Kedar's typical sense of humor, he wrote down Diet Coke for Swati's signature drink...always trying to be the funny man... I took that jokes allowed in the program booklet :)

Since they were offering a choice of fish, chicken or vegetarian. I suggested escort cards with graphics that represented each guest's meal.

I also did table numbers for all the tables.

The wedding was beautiful and memorable. Memorable for so many reasons...
Reason 1: They had fresh jasmine all over the ceremony area and later found out the hard way that my husband is VERY allergic to jasmine....
Reason 2: Missing out on cocktails and the Indian hors d'oeuvres because my husband could barely stand up due to all the jasmine
Reason 3:
watching Kedar go through all of these rituals with these hilarious facial expressions of "I have no idea of what they are saying or what I'm supposed to be doing" which kept me amused the whole time
Reason 4: While discussing reception items we would also discuss other things like wedding rings and such... in one of those conversations, I showed him a ring that I liked for a man and he said it wasn't him... at his reception that's the exact ring on his finger!! As I said before...Swati has great taste :)
Reason 5: because I think my good friend has found a great woman to be his wife!

I love you both very much and wish you guys a lifetime of happiness!!!
Thank you so much for letting me do this. I had a ball through the process and at your event! Hope to see you guys soon!


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