So I created these birth announcements of my son when he turned 3 months. Yes, they are called birth announcements, but no, I wasn't able to send them out as soon as he was born. I was too busy trying to work while on my maternity leave. I always seem to be too busy meeting all my clients' deadlines that I can never meet my personal ones. For eg, my daughter's 4th birthday part invites went out 9 days before her party and as you can see, these never went out!

Since three months had past I wasn't even going to use a newborn picture which seemed silly to me at the time so I took a picture of him at his current age, 3 months. Well, two months later I still have these stacked neatly in my closet. The least I can do is share them with you.

I created it with the idea of the recipient being able to take out the photo and post in on their refrigerator, bulletin board, or put it in a frame, etc. The pocket still gave it some style and I had his birth info on a small seal attached to the pocket.

I even bough the custom stamps to complete the envelope look!!! I addressed my sample one and a handful more waiting on the stamps to arrive. Once the stamps arrived it seemed like everything creeped up on me, new projects, completing old projects, my daughters birthday party and stick in trying to be a mom and wife in there too!

I have had a couple of friends ask me to go ahead and send these out to them. And to those folks I will. Do you think I should go ahead and send out the rest?


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