Last year I advertised with and another bridal website that shall remain nameless and spared any embarrasment. I'm happy with and have received a majority of my business from them this past year. I can't say the same about the other nameless wedding website. So, I made a slight change and chose over the nameless website in regards to advertising this year. Since this is the first time, I'm advertising with Atlantabridal, I will tell you what I think of their services so far.

As a vendor, I am happy with the amount of information available to brides as well as vendors. Vendors can link other vendors to their site as well which creates more advertising opportunities for the vendors. Sounds like a plus to me! They also offer performance reports which is the first company who has offered this to me where I can check it myself without having to call in. Very Nice!

Another feature, is offering is the ability for their registered brides to rate and review all of their wedding vendors - advertisers and non-advertisers. As with everything else, bride ratings and reviews of advertisers are freely and openly available for viewing by anyone that visits their site. So, if you're a bride of mine, take the time to register if you haven't already with, then write a kind, kick-butt, out-of-this-world review of your favorite stationer, moi!

Usually at our initial meeting I'll ask all of my potential clients how they found me, but if for some reason , I forget to, let me know how you found me,,, your wedding planner, a friend referral or an engine search.


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