Though Dione (a previous blog) was my first bride to hire me on as one of her vendors, Kena and several other weddings came prior to Dione's. Kena was the first bride's production. She was also my first tiffany blue invite. I had been reading that this was a popular color and when she contacted me and told me her colors, tiffany blue, orange and white, I thought...Cool! Who knew that Tiffany & Co. has sole rights to the exact color combination to create the tiffany blue color? Who knew it would be really hard to find that color combination so it would print to match the paper? Obviously, not me. How was I supposed to know customizing creations was going to be this tough? And this is the first one I'm doing? I started to doubt myself a bit. If these brides knew how hard it was to find this color, they wouldn't choose it! I had to come as close as possible in printed ink which is not the same as the color you may see on your monitor which proved to be quite a task. Nevertheless, I came through like a champ! Go, Patricia! I felt success and pride knowing I did it. I was reminded that there is a learning curve in everything you do and I really do love learning which is why I like challenges. Ok, I got sidetracked there. So, back to my bride. Kena really loved the pocketfold look, but had to maintain a strict budget. I offered her a 4"x5" pocketfold with the invite mounted inside with a custom design and a postcard RSVP.

Originally , we were going to include a directions card and a seal, but to help maintain her budget she nixed the seal and created the directions and accommodations information which she would later include in her pocketfold.


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