Woohoo! Dagny, my sister-in-law, is pregnant! I along with my mom, her mom and my brother's girlfriend are throwing her and my brother, Cesar their first baby shower. Dagny told me some guys would be invited to the shower. I personally love that idea! Not necessarily a couples shower, but she wanted close friends regardless of sex to be invited. We had a great time! I have to say guys are pretty competitive when it comes to games, they were the first to...how should I say it... show their conviction about the rules of the game. Oh, but back to the invitations... The nursery had a fish theme so I thought I would carry that over in the invitation. I hadn't had the opportunity to create a z-card invitation to date and really wanted to so here was my opportunity to do so. The invite was mounted on the first panel, then the registry, and lastly the directions as well as a custom map which is something I have only recently started doing. Though they are tedious, I am starting to enjoy them.

I have received some great compliments along with the guests RSVP's as well as at the shower. One guest said "Since the invitations were so awesome, we came to see what kind of shower you could throw!" At the end of the shower I did have a couple of people commenting that when I have a baby shower, I want you to throw mine. That made my day! Though I've been told I can organize a party well and should consider party planning, it's probably because I'm detailed oriented. I just don't love it. I get stressed, the bad kind. I prefer to stick with what I love and that's invitations :)

I also created a custom stamp as well as custom signs for other elements of the baby shower.

A couple of other customized touches I did for the shower were bouquets of baby clothes which was a labor of love. This was an idea someone had mentioned to me and I looked it up online. I thought I can do this! Boy! I was in for a surprise. All I have to say is it's harder than it looks. All items included are useful for the mother afterwards. Some items are socks, onesies, hats, bibs, burpclothes, wachclothes and booties.

The diaper cake was a great centerpiece that also has a lifespan past the shower. The diapers are all usable and items like a bulb, rattle, thermometer, etc were attached all around the cake as well. I have someone who creates these if interested.


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