Have I said I how much I love Kim? This girl is so amazing! I hated having to say goodbye to her. Hopefully, not a goodbye, just a "until next time!" She seemed to love paper as much as I do! Really, it was more than that, she was one of the coolest, most charismatic, chic, intelligent and beautiful girls I had the privilege of meeting.

Above are her programs , table cards and escort cards.

Her programs were booklet style with a similar seal from her wedding invitation on the cover of her program. The outer cover was card stock and the inner was text paper.

Escort Cards vs. Place Cards:

Sometimes these two elements are called one another. In actuality they are two different elements that have two different purposes.

Escort Cards are placed at the point of entry and have the guests name and table number or name on it. These cards tell your guests what table they are seated at. A seating chart can take the place of an escort card display.

Place Cards are used if you are assigning your guests to particular seats. There are many ways to display these cards from a simple tented card to a more elaborate set up.

One thing I liked about her escort cards was that she could change tables and rearrange last minute however she or her planner saw fit due to the fact that the names of the guests was printed only on the outer envelope.

The table cards had both table names which were creative and appropriate for the venue (credit goes to Kim for the names) and table numbers printed on them. We matched these on the escort cards. This made it easier for the catering staff and possibly some of her guests to find their respective table. I'm going to miss you so much, Kim! I wish you and Jamal the best!


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