Well, its that time again...my daughter's birthday party. I can't believe she's going to be 2! Last year I did an under the sea theme and I went all out. As busy as I've been this year, I had little time to really plan her party like I would want to. I decided on a jungle theme. Originally we had booked the clubhouse in our neighborhood for her venue, but Thursday before the party (on Saturday) we were contacted by management apologizing but they had double-booked and we were the lucky ones getting the boot. Need I say livid? and other expatives like#@$% and ##@&! First thing we HAVE to do: Clean the house.

We cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. We cleaned the house the best we could. This is a HUGE undertaking for me who seems to find everything else in the world to do but clean. I have to say though I'm one of the lucky ones, I have a husband who does most of it :)

Once upon a time, we both made a concerted effort to keep the house in order, but 3 seconds later, Amari would come around and mess it all up. So we gave up, so much so that when we need to clean up, it's daunting, dreadful and exhausting. Currently, we live in what could be considered Babies 'r us. We organized the obstacle course previously known as our family room so that our guests who are over 3 feet tall (adults) wouldn't trip over all the toys. We also had to convert our garage into a play zone which we did last year and it really worked well for us, but meant more of that dreadful cleaning. They say a child shifts your priorities, well ours shifted our style of living, our family room, our bedroom, our kitchen, our previously unmarked walls, not to mention our work and sleeping schedules. Does it sound like I am complaining? Awww, she's worth it... most of the time!

Anyway, I've added some pics of the event here! Her jungle invites were a hit! Some people asked me what is she going to get when she gets married if this is what she gets when she's two. C'mon!! I'm in the business of invitations. I have to represent! I also created personalized chocolate bars for our adults and did more candy, I mean kiddie treats for the little ones. We hired an awesome clown for who did face painting, balloon animals and a short magic show. Take a minute and enjoy the May zoo! The only drawback was that two of the sticker animals on my walls pulled off paint...Ugh! So I guess it's time for us (which means my husband) to paint. What do they call those? Honeydo's!!!


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