I received a call one day from Kim wanting to set up the initial appointment with me. We set up a time convenient for both of our schedules. She was finishing her MBA at Duke at the time so she wasn't in town much ...yet. At the appointment, she was perusing through my samples and came across a save-the-date with names she recognized, Melissa and Nick. She picked up the save-the-date and held it in a manner to single it out and stated with a question-like tone, " you're doing Melissa and Nick's invitations?" I nodded, and she responded with "that is so funny!!" She went on to tell me she and Melissa had been close friends all through high school and still kept in touch to this day. Their wedding were 3 weeks apart. Kim's would come in the beginning of August. Then she would fly off for her honeymoon and return just in time to see Melissa walk down the aisle. Kim was as shocked as I was. Melissa's save-the-dates had just been mailed and Kim's was still sitting in her mailbox. We simultaneously thought what a small world we live in! Melissa is an amazing person and you know how the cliche goes, "birds of a feather flock together." Melissa has a magnetic personality and I knew Kim had to be pretty cool herself.

I distinctly remember asking her what name she preferred to be called by, and silly me, I was thinking along the lines of Kim or Kimberly and she responded with "Kim, Kimberly,girl, hey you! just about anything!" I couldn't hold in my laughter. From that moment on, I knew she and I were going to get along. She was the kind of girl I would hang out with, the kind I would call my friend and though we met and developed a business relationship first, it converted into a more friendship one than anything else which was transparent in our emails.


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