These are my first graduation announcements! I really enjoyed making these! Though I love, love , LOVE wedding invitations, it was a breath of fresh air to create these in the midst of the wedding season. Chanel's mom approached me early on knowing my schedule fills up quickly, she wanted to reserve her spot for these. I mean, her daughter will only graduate from high school once! She commented that the typical announcements offered through the school were classic and boring for her tastes and expensive. So, if she is going to pay for something, she wanted it to be unique. She provided Chanel's senior photos for the cover. It opened upwards with the announcement inside also with customized wording that Chanel chose. This 4"x9" announcement resided inside an iris textured sleeve. We added the iris colored liner to the envelope to match. In the final version, we removed the charm and replaced it with a simple ribbon. For a few of their special guests, we included an invite to a BBQ event in honor of Chanel's graduation. Her mom also provided me several photos of Chanel ranging from birth to the present day to create a collage of photos which I placed on the back of the BBQ invite. I really enjoyed doing something this unique! Thanks to Chanel and her mother Angela for giving me the opportunity to do so!


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